Procedure For Submission

Essential Requirements

Every building work within the Municipal limits shall be designed by Registered Architect/Building Designer/Supervisor.

Licencing of Architect

Building Designer and Supervisor, their Qualifications and Competency.


A licence as an Architect /Building Designer/Supervisor shall be granted by the loval authority to any person who in its opinion is qualified for the work.


The minimum qualification neccessary for licenced Architect/Building Designer/Supervisor Shall be as follows:
‘A’ Class : the minimum qualification for an ‘A’ class Architect/Building Designer/Supervisor shall be the person holding requisite qualification and makin g them eligible to become :
Associate/Fellow member or the Indian Institute of Archiects.
Associate/Fellow member of the Institute of Engineers (India)-Civil Engineering.


Minimum Qualification for a ‘B’ calss building Designer and Supervisor shall be as follows:
Three Years Diploma in Civil Engineering /Architecure from a reconised Institute making eligible for recruitament in the Punjab Engineering/Architecture Service Calss-III and having 3 years minimum experience in Building Design/Supervision.

Qualificatio as a Draftsman/Surveyor from a reconised Polytechnic/ITI having 5-years experience in building Desigh and Supervision.


The C-Class Surveyors, where already registered under the exsisting Building Bye-laws shall continue. However, There shall continue. However, there shall be no new registration under this category in future.

3.2.3 Competency of Class -A :

The licensed Architec/Building Designer and Supervisor shall be competent to carry out the work related to the buildign permit as given below and shall be entitled to submit:

(a) All plans/information connected with building permit.
(b) Design and Preparation of building plans, structural details and calculations for all or any type of buildings.
(c) Certificate of supervision and completion.
Competency of Class-B :
(a) All Plans/information connected with building permit.
(b) Design and Preparation of building plans, structural details and calculation for all or any type of building upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq.yds.
(c) Certificate of supervision and completion upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds
Competency of Class -B :
(a) all plans/information connected with building permit upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds.
(b) Design and preparation of building plans, structural details and calculations for all or any type of building upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq.yds.
(c) Certificate of supervision and completion upto three storey structure on plots upto 250 sq. yds.
Competency of Class-C :
Competency of alreay registered C-Class surveyou shall be same as provided for B-class.

3.3 Renewal of Registration

A registration Certificate issued shall be renewable every year on the payment of such renewal free as is determined by the Competent Authority from time to time.


Every person interding to erect or re-erect any building shall given notice of such intention in writing in Form ‘A’ appended to these bye-laws along with ownership documents, four sets of Ferro Prints and two prints on tracing cloth/tracing filim showing location plan, site plan and building plans to the muncipal corporation and shall at the same time submit :
(a) a location plan and a site plan of the land on which it is intended to erect or re-erect the building.

Plans of all the floors, elevations and typical cross-section of the building which he intends to erect of re-eret.

Building Plan

The Plans of buildings and elevations and sections accompaying the notice shall be drawn to a scale not less that 1”-8’ for plots measuring above 200sq. yds. and 1”-4’ for plots measuring upto 200 sq. yds and shall:

(a) Include floor plans of all floors together with the covered area clearly indicating the seze and spacing of all farming member and size of rooms and the position and width of staircases, ramps and other exit ways, liftwells, lift machine room and lift pit details.

(b) show the use or occupancy of all parts of the building/buildings.

(c) Show exact lovation of essential servise, for example W.C., sink, Bath and the like;

(d) include sectional drawings showing clearly the seze of the footings, thickness of basement wall, Wall construction, size and spacing of framing members, floor slabs and roof slabs with their materials. The section shall indicate the height of building and rooms and also the height of the parapet; and the drainage and the slope of the rooof. Atleast one section should be taken through the staircase, kitchen and toilet, bath and W.C;

(e) Show all street elevation ;

(f) Indicate details of service privy, if any ;

(g) give diemensions of thee projected protions beyond the permissible building line;

(h) Include terrance plan indicating the drainage and the slope of the roof;

(i) Give Indications of the north point relative to the plan;

(j) Details of parking space provided;

(k) Give indication of all doors windows and other opnings including ventilators with sizes proper schedule form

(i) Such other particulars as may be required to explain the proposal clearly and as prescribed by the othority.

(m) Building plans as per model designes ; in case applicat wishes to follow the model design prepared by the competent authority he may obtain the same from the competent authority and submit it along withe the site plan in triplicate to the competent authority for identification and shall also comply with the requirements of the notice of buildingApplication.

(n) Colouting the Plan: The colours to be used in the plans shall be as mentioned in the following table

ITEM Site Plan Building Plan
Existing work Green Green
Proposed Work Red Red
Drainage & Sewer Red Dotted Red Dotted
To be demolished Yellow Yellow

3.9.1 Building Plans for Multistoreyed/special Buildings:

For Multistoreyed buildngs which are more than 15mt height and for special buildings like marriage palace, Hotel, Group housing, Assembly, Institutional, Industrial, Storeage and hazardous occoupancies, etc. The following additional informantion shall be funished/indicated in the buildingplans in addition to the item (a) to

(1) of Bye-laws No. 3.9.
(i) Access to fire appliances/vehicles with details of vehicular turning circle and clear motorable accessway aroun the building;
(ii) Size (width) of main alternate staircases along with balcony apporach, corridor, ventilated labby apporach;
(iii) Location and details of lift enclosures.
(iv) Location and size of fire lift;
(v) Smoke stop lobby/door where provided;
(vi) Refuse chutes, refuse chamber, service duct, etc.
(vii) Vehicular parking space;
(viii) Refusa area, if any:
(ix) Details of building Service – air conditioning system with position of dampers,mechanial vetilation system, electrical servies, boilers, gas pipes etc.
(x) Details of exits including provision of ramps etc. for hospitals and special risks;

(xi) Location of generator, transformer and switch gear room;
(xii) Smoke exhauster system, net work
(xiv) Location of centrelised control, connectiong all fire alarm system, built-in fire protection arrangments and public address system etc.;
(xv) Location and demension of static water storage tank and pump room;
(xvi) Location and details of fixed fire protacton installations such as sprinklers, wet risers, hoss
reels, drenchers, CO2 installations etc.;
(xvii) Location and details of first aid, fire fighting equipment/installations; and
(xviii) An open staircase connecting all floors for fire safety.

Secrutiny And approval of Building plans

Secrutiny and approval of building plans shall be carred out by the Town Planning Wings of the Local authorities or in the abesence of such wings, by the officer authorised for this purpose. Every building application shall be either ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ within a period of 60 days as provided in the Act.

Information necessary to validate notice under Bye-laws :

(i) No notice of building application shall be carried out be valid until the information required under these bye-laws has been funished to the sastisfaction of the competent local authority or of any person authorised by it in this behalf. If teh notised is not considered as validm the appication together with the plan, shall be returned to the applicant for re-submission in acco9rdance with the bye-laws.
(ii) If owing to certain objection, sanction is refused, but the objection is subsequently removed to the satisfaction of the local authority, it will not be necessary for the applicant to submit new plans provided the original plan can be suitably corrected.
(iii) Where a minor alteration is subsequently applied for, it will not be necessary to submit fresh plans of the whole building for sanction. Such alteration may be applied for, in the form of correction slips on tracing cloth in duplicate with two ferro prints which can be incorporated as part of the originally sanctioned plans.

3.11 Notice of commencement of work:

(i) A person who intend to erect or re-erect any building shall give to the local authority not less than a week notice in writing in form ‘C’ Appended to these bye-laws of the date and time at which the erection or re-erection of the building will be commenced.

(ii) If he neglects or refuse to give such notice he shall comply with a notice in writing by the local authority requiring him within a reasonable time to cut into, lay open or pull down so much of the building as prevents the local authority from ascertaining whether any of bye-laws have been contravened.


(i) No person shall occupy or allow other person to occupy any new building or part of a new building for any person whatsoever until such building or part thereof has been certified by the local authority of any person authorised by it in this behalf to be in every respect complete according to the sanctioned plan and fit for the use for which it is erected.

(ii) Every person who intend to occupy such a building or part there or shall appy for permission in from ‘D’ appended to these by-laws.

(iii) The local authority may decline to give permission unless a certificate in from ‘E’ appended to these by-laws duly signed by a licensed Architect/Building Designer and Supervisor has been submitted.

(iv) When permission to occupy a part of building has given , seprate permission shall be necessary for occupation of such other parts as may be subsequently completed.

(v) Applicant shall remove or destroy, any temporary building which might have been erected and teh debris from the sits and adjoining road or vacant site before the occupation certificate is issued.

(vi) Partial occupation certificate may be granted for partially constructed building with one habitable room. one water closet and one bath room.

3.13 Notice of Completion

Every person newly erecting or re-erecting a building shall on its completion given notice of such completion to the local authority in form ‘F’ appended to the bye-laws. If the building is not completed with two years lf the date of sanction, the notice shall be accompnied by a completion plan on tracing cloth in duplicate with two ferro prints of the part of the bulding completed, upto date.


(i) To ensure enforcement of building and execution of works as per sanctioned building plans, constructed activity shall be monitored from the stage of excavation, construction of fundation, plinth, first storey and each subequent storeyes. This activity shall be monitored by the local authority as per the guidelines issued by the Government or the competent authority form time to.

(ii) During the couse of construction, in case of changed circusmstances at site or atherwise, if substantial devitatations from the sanctined plans are necessitated, the owner shall not procced further with the construction unless revised plan is submitted and got approved from the competent authority as per rules.


(a) Residential Buildengs :
(i) Violation of front set back shall not be compoundable.
(ii) Excess coverage above 5 percent than the permissible shall not be compoundable.
(b) commercial and other Buildings :
(i) Violation of front set back shall not be compoundable.
(ii) Excess F.A,R than the sanctioned/permissible F.A.R. shall not be compundable.
(iii) Decrease in parking area shall not be compundable.

Note :- Only the minor devitations from the sanctioned plan without involving change of use, may be considered for compromise as per approved compromise schedule to be framed/approved by the competent authority frolm time to time.

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