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Town Planning Department

The Town Planning Department in MCJ is headed by Municipal Town Planner, supported by the Assistant Town Planners, Building Inspector & Head Draftsman. This Department deals with building/layout and other planning permissions, preparation and implementation of development plans and enforcement operations such as removal of encroachments and demolition of unauthorized constructions.


Granting building/house construction or addition/alteration permissions.
Layout/sub-division plan approval.
Issue of occupancy certificate.
Issue of certified copies of approved plan.
Issue of licences to technical person
Action against unauthorized constructions and encroachments.  
How Can Citizen Help?  
Follow the regulations and rules regarding FAR, setbacks, use, etc. as per plan approved by MCJ and adhere to zoning/building regulations.
Report illegal constructions, dangerous constructions and violations to sanctioned plans.
Don't encroach on government and public property - roads, drains, open spaces, etc.
Remove encroachments and obstructions.
Ensure that buildings are constructed in housing colonies and industrial areas following the norms of town planning regarding roads and open spaces.
Be vigilant and check indiscriminate and hazardous building construction activities.
Ensure that unauthorized construction of stalls on roads and footpaths does not take place.
Ensure that footpaths are clear and not encroached upon by religious or other structures.
Pay rents to MCJ in case of leased property in time.  
Response Time:  
All Residential & Commercial building plan sanctioned by the MCJ within 90 days from the date of received application.
Issue of occupancy certificate within 60 days.
Removal of encroachment on public property - Within 15 days.
Demolition of unauthorized construction on public property - Within 30 days.
Action against unauthorized constructions - Within 30 days (in case of deviations to approved plan).  
Whom to Contact?  
Initial Contact - Assistant Town Planner.
Second Contact - Municipal Town Planner.
Third Contact - STP / Joint Commissioner, in case of no action on complaint.  
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