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GEF-SUTP Project
  About GEF-World Bank-UNDP-Sustainable Urban Transport Program (Referred as SUTP Program) 
  India continuing urbanization and surging economic growth over the last decade has led to an inevitable rise in ownership and use of motorized vehicles across cities and towns, characterized in particular by reliance on two wheelers. The average two wheeler and car ownership levels in metropolitan cities have been more than doubled, and motorized per capita trip rate has also increased 60 percent. The increasing mode share by private vehicles and widely spread congestion in city centers are also increasing the green House gas.GHG emissions from urban transport could be 8 to 10 times higher than the current level by 2030.

With support from GEF (Global Environment Facility) and World Bank, MoUD (Ministry of Urban Development) govt.of India has been working with a number of states and cities to develop an India-GEF-World Bank-UNDP Sustainable Urban Transport Program (referred as SUTP program). The aim was to strengthen the national and local government’s capacity in urban transport planning and Management in more integrated and comprehensive manner. The SUTP Program essentially consists of two parts;

1. Part-1, to supported by World Bank (with GEF grant), would include a number of national level capacity building initiatives, which will be implemented by MoUD.

2. Part-2, to be supported by World Bank (with GEF grant and World Bank Loan), would include a capacity building and investment project in selected states and cities, which will be implemented by MoUD and participating states and cities.

The cities selection process was started in mid-2006 after MoUD issued the National Urban Transport Policy(NUTP).In 2007 nine cities was selected based on criteria agreed/framed by the bank after conducting the survey. Jalandhar city was selected under Non-motorized transport development project. Considering the current urban transport scenario and problems, the GEF project for Jalandhar aims to introduce, improve and enhance the pedestrian and cyclists infrastructure in the city. The Technical assistance activities have been identified for promoting sustainable urban Transport in the city. The activities will be carried out from the GEF grant. The implementing agency of the SUTP project is Municipal Corporation.

Present status-The preparation of project profile is under progress. For carrying out Technical assistance activities under the project, the GEF grant of Rs 20 cr. has approved.

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