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Birth and Death Registration

 The wing is headed by Health Officer. MCJ issues the certificates at a nominal fee as prescribe by Govt. This service helps MCJ keep track of the births and deaths. The information is used in census and revision of electoral rolls and other Govt. Polices. All births/deaths have to be reported within 21 days of occurrence to the Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar, in case of both institutions and non-institutions. Institutions mean Hospitals/Nursing Home and Clinics. Non-institutions cover cases other than these. For institutions, Medical Officer or RMO has to report to the Local-Registrar in the main office of Corporation in Form 2 for Birth and Form 4 for Death. In case of Non-institutions such as household, the head of the household in the capacity of informant is to report the event to the Local-Registrar in the main Office of Corporation. Services:

Registration of births and deaths.
Issue of birth/death certificates.
Inclusion of name in birth certificate upto the age of 15 years only.
Correction of names of parents & address in birth/ death certificate.
Supply of extra copies of birth and death certificates.
How can Citizen Help?
Furnish birth/death information to the Sub-Registrar of the respective Ward / area in time.
Report birth and death and obtain the certificates if not registered / obtained earlier.
• Issue of Birth/Death Certificate (Extract of Register) - Within 10 days after filing of application.
Be prompt in obtaining Birth & Death Certificates as it helps the officers in estimating the population and correcting electoral rolls and it also helps to soit out problems of the future. Response Time:
Correction of Name in Certificate - Within 7 days after filing of application. Supply of Extra Copies - Within 7 days after filing of application.  

Whom to Contact?
Initial Contact - Superintendent of the branch.
Second Contact - Health Officer Phone no. 98728-73797.
Third Contact Joint Commissioner, if complaint persists.
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