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Welcome to the Official Site of Municipal Corporation Jalandhar . The Municipal Committee Jalandhar was created in 1867 and raised Class – I in 1950 Under the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911. Under the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, it was further elevated to Municipal Corporation by Punjab Government on 5 July 1977.
New Developments Budget of the Corporation
 1. Status of BMPC Works 1. Budget Estimates for the Year 2010-2011
 2. List of Applicants for PMAY Vertical-II at MCJ  2. Budget Estimates for the Year 2011-2012
 3. Budget Estimates for the Year 2012-2013
 4. Budget Estimates for the Year 2013-2014
 5. Budget Estimates for the Year 2014-2015
 6. Budget Estimates for the Year 2015-2016
 7.Budget Estimates for the Year 2016-17
R.T.I Town Planning Department
1. About R.T.I 1. The Municipal Corporation, Jalandhar, Building Bye laws, 2010
2. Right of Information Act 2005 2. List of Un-authorized Colonies
3. Punjab Right to Information Rules, 2005 3. Registration for Regularization of Unauthorized Colonies/Plots
4.  Pio & Apio 4. List of Defaulters of C.L.U Cases
5. Obilgation of The 17 Manual 5. List of Construction raised in violations of the PAPRA Act 1995
6. R.T.I Application Form 6. List of Plot / Building Regularization N.O.C
7. Appointment of PIO & APIOs  7. Notifications of  Economically Weaker Sections
Punjab Right to Service Act 2011
1. Punjab Right to Service Act 2011
MCJ Office Orders /Circulars
1.  Office Circular vide order No. 995/ESG dated 15.7.2016
2. Office Circular vide order No. 2335/ESG dated 21.7.2016 Reg. Leave
3. Office Circular vide order No. 1016/ESG dated 22.7.2016 Reg. ACP and Property Returns 
4.Office Circular vide order No. 2369/ESG dated 07.11.2016 Reg. Allocation of works( Addl. Comm & Joint Comm’s)